The Bay Area has always had a strong Filipino presence, but its pervasiveness in local culinary culture has been lacking. A Filipino family party can be huge, so huge that restaurants can’t accommodate and everyone remains at a relative’s house, feasting on a buffet of satiating homemade food.

The traditional way of preparing dishes is passed down through generations, and what one cannot make at home can usually be found at grandma’s house. This close-knit culture has also led to unintentionally guarding the cuisine at home rather than opening more restaurants.

But today’s younger generation of Pinoy, empowered by social media, are introducing the public to this genre by way of food trucks that turn into pop-ups, then supper clubs and eventually brick and mortar restaurants. Leveraging the power of virality, this effort is starting to pay off as the Filipino food movement is being embraced in many parts of America.

Here are some top spots for homestyle Filipino eats here in the South Bay.