Legend has it that in the 1600s, King Charles I gave one of the pioneering ice cream makers in England a lifetime pension to keep his formula secret so that the frozen treat would be exclusive to royalty. Thankfully, the frosty sweetness would eventually find it way to us commoners. But an ice cream renaissance is now taking place in the South Bay, as more ice cream artisans bring forth a multitude of manifestations: a popsicle bar turned up with a plethora of toppings; sandwiches made of fresh-baked cookies that have people salivating in lines that extend around the corner; and custom milkshake bars that offer an infinite combination of ingredients. With summer almost here, however, we can’t forget the classic scoop in a cone. Ice cream holds a singular place in our American hearts. It’s a treat that stickies the hands of knee-highs and cotton-tops alike, so here are 10 institutions and new favorites to satisfy any craving—traditional or otherwise.