Earth Day Workshop with Amy Balkin

Sat Apr 22, 2017
San Jose Museum of Art
3 - 5 PM
$5 - $10


On Earth Day, Saturday April 22, 2017, the San Jose Museum of Art invites visitors to participate in artist Amy Balkin’s ongoing project, "A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting" Balkin’s archive is a collection of physical items from places directly threatened by climate change, including sea level rise, erosion, and glacial melting. Visitors are invited to bring in items to add to the archive. Balkin will be at the Museum 3 PM – 5 PM on April 22 to archive contributed items and to speak about the project. The program is free with Museum admission. Instructions and participation forms are available online at or at the Museum.

Examples in the archive, currently on view at SJMA in the exhibition The Darkened Mirror: Global Perspectives on Water, include a broken phone charger contributed from New Orleans, a scientific sample bottle from Palmer Station in Antarctica, a beer bottle top found on a beach in Senegal, and the most recent contribution: a burlap sandbag retrieved from South 20th Street in San Jose in the aftermath of the Coyote Creek floods in February 2017.

Contributions are welcome from anyone who lives along the San Francisco Bay Delta or other parts of California that are threatened to disappear, or displaced climate migrants now living in California. To participate, visitors are asked to select an item from a “sinking or melting” place. Objects can be anything found there: natural, manufactured, found, made, or discarded, including trash. The weight limit is ½ pound or less.

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