A series of photography by artist Cecilia Paredes. Opening reception: Saturday, June 1st, 5pm-8pm.

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Gallery Lulo is pleased to present “Camouflaged” - a solo exhibition of photography and sculpture by renowned artist Cecilia Paredes. The show is curated by Costa Rican/Healdsburg based Silvia Fachler, who has studied and supported Cecilia`s work for over 10 years.

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, June 1st 5-8pm .

Lima, Peru-born artist Cecilia Paredes might just remind us of the female version of Liu Bolin. Working with her assistants, she creates photo performance based works that have her seamlessly blended into her own intricate, botanical backgrounds. Acting as both the photographer and the subject, she carefully chooses her poses and leaves parts of her body unpainted, which adds an element of mystique to each piece. Through this “disappearing” act, Paredes explores themes of displacement and migration, illustrating the difficulties of blending in to new surroundings without completely cast- ing off one’s roots.

She stares forward situated in front of walls plastered with floral designs on wallpaper. The environ- ment here is patently artificial as it incorporates sentimental, mawkish renderings of Latin American aesthetics. Instead of acting as a backdrop for her image, these interior environments are a subject equal to her physical presence in the photograph. She is truly transformed into a disenfranchised migrant, absorbed by her surroundings.

Cecilia Paredes works involve performance, photography, sculpture and installations. She studied at the Catholic University Art School in Lima, at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England and at the Scuola del Nudo in Rome, Italy. Cecilia is a Rockefeller Fellow since 1998.

Gallery hours are 11:00-5:00 pm Monday and Wednesday and 11:00-6:00 pm Thursday through Sunday and by appointment. For additional information please contact Anne-Kathrine Schjerbeck, tl. 707 433 7533 or at [email protected]


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