Rebel Yell
Oct 26-31
Rebel Yell Haunted House
1577 Rebel Way, San Jose
Going 19 years strong, Rebel Yell Haunted House comes with a full backstory involving a mad scientist, Dr. Monticore VonBraun, who has been driven by grief and ghostly spirits to experiment with raising the dead. Aperitions, corpses, zombies and some good old-fashioned gore can be found in the abandoned funeral home that Dr. VonBraun now occupies. Not for the faint of heart, the creators consider this a PG-13 experience.

Halloween Haunt
Thru Oct 28, 7pm
Great America
4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara
Eight different mazes bring nightmares to life with a werewolf lair, a zombie-infested high school, the dimly lit manor of a voodoo-practicing heiress, a rogue tooth fairy in the dentist’s office from hell, and more. Three themed “Scare Zones” extend the macabre surroundings further into the park. Live (or undead) entertainment includes acrobats, BMX bikers, fire dancers, drummers, and the dark comedy of Ed Alonzo, the Second Greatest Showman. Of course, the roller coasters are there for anyone who needs extra reasons to scream.

Halloween Candlelight Tours
Thru Oct 31
Winchester Mystery House
525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose
Featured on Ghost Hunters and in a recent feature film starring Helen Mirren, San Jose’s iconic haunted house really shines during the Halloween season, when guests are escorted through the meandering hallways of this architectural oddity by candlelight. This year’s tours feature a brand-new theatrical experience, called “The 13th Door,” designed to raise the blood pressure of interlopers in Sarah’s abode.

Dead Time Dreams
Thru Nov 3
Dead Time Dreams
2501 Tully Rd, San Jose
Even waiting in line is an experience at Dead Time Dreams. Before visitors enter the two main attractions for the evening, they must pass through the “Midway of Terror,” where creepy creatures pop up with unique teasers of the terrors that lie ahead every night. This year, “The Sewer” pulls its victims into an underground realm of flesh-eating rats and lost souls, while “Death Rave” is an EDM party and acid trip that went horribly wrong.