The p1440 San Jose Invitational is more than a three-day volleyball tournament. In fact, it’s part of a list of p1440 events highlighting volleyball, live music and personal development hitting major cities including Las Vegas, San Diego and Huntington Beach this year.

Each night, after the volleyball ends, the fest will shift into live music mode, hosting a number of marquee pop groups including Grouplove, Marian Hill, Foster The People, Daya and Magic Giant.

And yet, p1440 isn’t a music festival with a side of volleyball. “We’re not Coachella, we’re not Wanderlust. We’re kind of a lot; do you have an hour?” jokes three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, the event’s organizer.

As a professional athlete, Walsh Jennings has come to realize music plays a large role within sports. “It’s kind of the third man on the court for all of the athletes,” she says from Manhattan Beach, where she has just finished a long training session.

At this point in her career, she has become skilled at using every minute of the day to the max. “I still have one more Olympics in me. My goal and my plan is to qualify and win the Tokyo games in 2020,” she says.

In a way, the setting of the phone call symbolizes exactly what p1440 stands for, to live all 1440 minutes of the day with purpose. Walsh Jennings (who co-founded p1440 with her husband Casey Jennings and a team of leading health experts) maximizes her time by connecting her mind, body and spirit while leaning on a supportive team. All tools she’s hoping to share with the public through the p1440 events Walsh Jennings and her team are curating.

“We’re basically re-creating a day in our life,” she says. “When you show up at a p1440 event, you’re going to be exposed to a lot of wonderful stuff, and you don’t need to participate right away; you can sit back and watch, but hopefully by the end, you’re diving in.”

Though Walsh Jennings no longer lives in the South Bay, she remembers her time at Archbishop Mitty High School and Stanford University fondly. She still considers herself a “local gal at heart” and can’t wait to kick off the first-ever p1440 event in the area where she first discovered her passion for volleyball. “It’s my favorite place in the world,” she says.

The festival is jam-packed with dozens of activities, including a kid’s court, food trucks and interactive art. But the real gems are the onsite wellness activities such as guided meditation with Hailey Lott, yoga sessions Kim Bauman, onsite training sessions with the pros, and the live cooking demos with Chef Amber Caudle.

“Health and wellness are universal and evergreen,” Walsh Jennings says. “That’s never going to go out of style and it’s relevant for any human being. I don’t care if you’re a 1-month-old or 99 years old.”

Her mission is to spark the attendee’s curiosity in the same way her parents piqued her interest in sports as a child. “They introduced me and put me around amazing things, let me do the work—let me go down the rabbit hole to figure things out,” she says. “We really want to lower the barrier to try new things.”

For Walsh Jennings, creating a community past the upcoming event is important. She’s hoping the p1440 team can start a dialogue in person and online by staying connected through the p1440 digital experience component that shares healthy recipes, athlete’s music playlists and streams workouts, among other things.

“We want people to come meet our experts and immerse with us and then stay with us 365 when we’re not having events as well, ” she says. “Sport has changed my life; sport is transformative and beautiful but within that, the world needs positivity and it needs community and connectivity.”

The Olympian is excited to share her love for volleyball with her hometown community. The festival will feature an onsite tournament, bringing in players from around the globe to Avaya Stadium. Anouk Verge-Depre, Carolina Solberg, Anders Mol and Christian Sorum will all be there, playing on sand courts. About 2,700 tons of sand will be trucked in to keep the beach vibes authentic.

p1440 San Jose Invitational 
Sep 28-30, 9am, $20+
Avaya Stadium, San Jose