On the list of Halloween celebrations and activities, this year’s Campbell Con is perfect timing to dress up and have fun with favorites in the pop culture industry. Campbell Con is similar to the comic conventions around the country where comic fans gather and dress for activities celebrating animation and the art of movies, TV, toys and games.

“People like the cosplay groups,” said Dave Haworth, spokesperson for Campbell Con. “They really enjoyed the Star Wars stormtroopers, Darth Vader and lightsaber duels last year.” Because this year’s convention falls so close to Halloween, Haworth sais they are urging families to bring their kids in costume as a different way to celebrate the holiday. “You know how Halloween costumes are; it can be $80 dollars for one evening, but you can wear your costumes here and get more use out of them.” He said the artists will have candy at their booths for a safe trick-or-treating experience.

Where other conventions take place in large cities like Los Angeles, Campbell Con gives the convention a more intimate feel for families to mingle with notable guests and artists from Marvel and DC comics. This year’s guests and artists include, Alison McInnis and Jennifer Yee of Power Rangers and a Land of the Giants reunion with Gary Conway, Deanna Lund and Don Marshall. The list of artists is also quite lengthy with Chris Marrinan of Marvel and DC Comics; John Heebink, creator of Elvira, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Nick Fury: Agent of Shield; Mark Badger, who has drawn a number of superhero comics including, Batman: Jazz and Batman: Run Riddler Run as well as Spider-Man online.

“People always love to meet comic book artists,” Haworth said. “People can go to these artists and get sketches of their favorite superheroes, and they are one of a kind.” He said some artists will also do customized sketches of fans and get the photo autographed for a reasonable price.

Inexpensive tickets and Campbell Con’s a more intimate setting, make the convention an especially family friendly event, Haworth said. Campbell Con is Oct. 29 at the Campbell Community Center.