The top minds and companies in the robotics industry will converge on downtown San Jose for the annual RoboBusiness Conference & Expo. The conference will feature speakers and product demonstrations from dozens of the most notable companies including Apple, Microsoft and Intel.

RoboBusiness is known for its interactive exhibits, keynote speeches dedicated to technological advancement featuring a variety of robots and their “Pitchfire” event, where startups get a chance to pitch their products—Shark Tank-style—to an audience and investor-judges who offer feedback and an opportunity to win a large prize.

Casey Nobile, co-chair of this year’s RoboBusiness conference, said attendees “can expect to be inspired by people promoting real fresh ideas and business solutions and cutting edge technologies. They will see new faces with great networking experiences for startup companies, end-users or investors.”

Nobile said that the robotics industry is growing rapidly and startups are coming into the field with the aim of introducing robotics products to the consumer marketplace. She added that one of the challenges for businesses in the robotics sector is connecting customers’ needs with developers. RoboBusiness, she said, is a place where the two come together.

This year’s conference promises to showcase self-driving cars, robots for the home, retail robots and robots in healthcare and provide a venue for for startups, consumers and investors to learn and network.

New this year is the Chief Robotics Officer summit, which tackles the emerging role and need for accountability in the technology industry. CRO’s are responsible for managing the growth, cost and integration of robotics in business where robots overlap with human operators.

Nobile said the robotics industry is at a critical juncture of growth, and the CRO position is one response to that growth. “Robotics are part of a lot in different businesses, so how do people prepare themselves for the introduction of robots?”  She said that the CRO gives businesses ideas of how to start introducing the newest technologies and different business models so people are up-to-date with what is next in robotics.

Along with the new summit, participants can anticipate a wealth of talks tackling a variety of topics on the spectrum of robotics and technology. Keynote speeches include a conversation on cloud robotics with James Kuffner, CTO of the Toyota Research Institute, who will discuss robot intelligence based on search, machine learning and more. And Will Allen, an inventor and innovator for HP, will discuss the normalization of robots in the home and workplace.

The RoboBusiness Conference & Expo is scheduled for Sept. 28-29 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.