The new norm in downtown San Jose could soon be getting passed by a colorful multi-person bike with Justin Bieber blaring over the speakers and laughter roaring over the music. God help us.

San Jose Brew Bike allows the adventurous and 15 of their closest friends (or strangers) to take a night on the town, visiting local restaurants and bars while playing their own favorite tracks through a provided stereo hook-up. The brew bike has become a global phenomenon, starting in Amsterdam and then moving as close as Sacramento.

Rob Farac, owner and operator of San Jose Brew Bike, was inspired to start one here after his business partner, Chris Ferren-Cirino, had so much success in Sacramento. Though San Jose Brew Bike is just two weeks old, Farac and Ferren-Cirino have seen interest building.

“Bookings are slowly coming in,” Farac says. “People are hearing about us and starting to plan.”

San Jose Brew Bike, which offers tours starting and ending by the Adobe headquarters, has reservations open for late August, September and October, and an additional bike is being built for the fall. If business picks up, they could even add a third and fourth bike.

“The first pedal leg to the bar is always the most calm, where people talk in low voices amongst the people they know,” Ferren-Cirino says. “By our final 3rd bar stop, the group is often times all hanging out together at the bar laughing, joking, and partying together. The final pedal leg at the end the tour is always when people are most excited and boisterous since they’ve all made great new friends.”

Last October, Gov. Jerry Brown passed a bill that would allow brew bikes onto the road because there was no prior definition for this type of vehicle. The bill allows cities to decide whether or not alcohol is allowed on the bikes.

While Sacramento allows open consumption of alcohol on the bikes, the city of San Jose does not. Farac hopes the city will reconsider this policy once the company gets more established in the community.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily needed to have a good time, but it’s a fun little perk to be able to bring your own nice refreshing beer to drink as you’re peddling,” Farac says.