Confluence point sits just below SAP Center, where Los Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River meet. It’s a pleasant place to relax and contemplate the many natural wonders around us, such as the submerged shopping carts, car tires and other man-donated reef materials that now provide obstacles to carp, catfish, bass and crawdad.

Mr. Harada and I gently slid our wood-strip canoe into the river and started paddling towards the Taylor Street docks. We waved to various folks who have taken residence on the shores of the mighty Guadalupe, and felt some ambivalence that the old Huck Finn tradition survives. We tied up to a pile of mountain bike frames underneath the bridge and made our way to Renegades.

A small establishment on the corner of Taylor and Coleman streets, Renegades’ outdoor sign features three male silhouettes, so I assumed this was a bar for street toughs. As urban adventurers, Mr. Harada and I hoped to discover a scene out of Over the Top.

What we found was a quaint and colorfully decorated interior, a pool table and an outdoor patio. The walls were adorned with different forms of visual art celebrating the male form. This was a refreshing change from the usual dive bar posters that tend to focus on females wearing swimwear with beer logos. We took our place at the bar and ordered a couple of pints, which came out to $5.25 a piece. It’s cash only at Renegades, which can be a bit of a hassle if you plan on staying awhile. I don’t like to tip with change but had little choice with all those quarters.

The Renegades crowd was friendly, the music was extremely good if you like dance tunes, and the beer and liquor selection is plentiful. “Power Hour” is between 10pm and 11pm, and it’s well vodka, gin or rum for $2 a shot. That’s a great deal, but you need experience to make it worthwhile. An hour of $2 shots is the F1 class of drinking, so make sure you’re skillset has been honed.

One unique detail that Mr. Harada and I noticed was a row of small wine bottles at the bar, mostly Sutter Home, like you’d get on a flight. We didn’t quite know what to make of it, and we forgot to ask. I suppose we’ll have to go back and find out.

Renegades  501 W Taylor St, San Jose. 408.275.9902.