Behind-the-scenes knowledge can ruin the magic sometimes. There’s a reason “watching how the sausage gets made,” especially taken literally, could ruin your day.

But that seems unlikely to happen with something as beloved as beer. After all, learning how grains become liquid sunshine has turned more than one beer fan into a brewer. With “Bio+Beer,” an upcoming event at the Tech Museum of Innovation, BioCurious isn’t necessarily trying to convert a whole new crew of new brewmasters, but seeks to highlight the science behind beer.

BioCurious is a nonprofit community lab, or as it calls itself, “a hackerspace for biology.” Beer+Bio is a 21+ event, which takes place Nov. 21, and includes demonstrations on brewing beer, as well as cultivating kombucha—another fermented beverage—and talks from experts on the science of brewing. All that thinking is thirsty work, so concurrent with the demos and talks, Bio+Beer also features tastings from local and regional craft breweries.

Visitors can also put all that learning to the test with a tasting contest comparing home brews to craft brews.