The construction of a bowl of ramen—noodles, broth and a few toppings—seems a simple enough thing. But the composition of the broth and what gets added to it make for many possiblities, and the flavors can get complex in a hurry.

To celebrate this versatile—and it seems now, almost universally loved—dish, the Ramen Yokocho Association presents the next Ramen Yokocho Festival in San Jose. The association, which has hosted events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, hosts the festival Oct. 3-5 and Oct 10-12 at the San Jose Convention Center.

This festival of noodles features ramen from the U.S. and Japan, particularly the latter country’s ramen “hotspots” Tokyo and Osaka. And if ramen in bowls isn’t enough for you, the inventor of the “ramen burger” will unveil a brand-new dish.