Diagon Alley may have proven a magical place for a fictional wizard and his pals, but Samovar Alley, a real-life place (if only for a weekend), offers its own considerable charms.

Visitors to the annual Assyrian Food Festival on August 23 and 24 can drop by Samovar Alley to sample exotic teas, coffee and pastries. And the presence of the alley’s namesake—a baroque contraption that warms and dispenses tea—is sure to make the whole experience that much more magical.

On the savory side of the menu, the festival serves a wide-ranging menu of Assyrian dishes, including kabobs—beef, chicken or veggie—traditional soups, dolmas, tabouleh Assyrian eggrolls and piroshki.

Though, as the name suggests, food may be the focus of the festival, it’s not the only one. The event also aims to highlight Assyrian culture, with art exhibits and music and dance performances. This community event also benefits local charities.