Few dress codes for formal dances require the note of “no weapon props.” But for the cosplayers at Fanimecon, a little reminder never hurt.

Held annually on Memorial Day weekend, the anime convention brought over 25,000 fans to the McEnery Convention Center last year, up from around 20,000 in 2012. This year, the con celebrates its 20th anniversary, hosting panels and events on all things anime, plus some just for the fun of it, like the aforementioned fancy dress Black and White Ball.

Other events run the gamut: there will be the usual spread of artist and vendor displays, cosplay gatherings (including a reality TV-style competition), fan-made anime music videos, gaming tournaments and karaoke. This year’s music headliner is Home Made Kazoku, a Japanese hiphop trio whose songs have been featured in the ending credits of several popular anime series.

Big names in the anime industry show up for FanimeCon every year to do panels, Q&As and how-tos. 2014′s guests of honor include Takami Akai, Noir, J. Michael Tatum, Kira Buckland, Chantal Strand, Raj Ramayya and Hiroyuki Kanbe. Some, like Aki, Kanbe and Noir, work in the industry writing, producing and directing various manga and anime. Others, like Tatum and Buckland, are voice actors.

The big names mostly stick to conventional Q&As (though J. Michael Tatum, known for having a big mouth, is doing a special WTF 101), but the fan panels get a little bit more niche. For example, one can learn to play “real Mahjong…not the lame solitaire kind of Mahjong” at the Riichi Mahjong event, or “learn how to breakdance to your favorite anime music” at Otaku Breakdance 101.

All-in-all, with 25,000 fans on hand, there’ll be something for every kind of anime lover.