In an odd coincidence, two of the biggest hip-hop artists of the past decade pop up at Silicon Valley night clubs this week.

Hot off appearances at the Miami Ultra dance music festival last weekend and shows in Vegas, King of Crunk Lil’ Jon is DJing Pure Lounge’s 1st anniversary party this Thursday. Despite pioneering the crunk sound that dominated early 2000s hip hop, Lil’ Jon has recently moved into the EDM orbit, though he’s been DJing since the early 90s. With a hit collaboration with Frenchman DJ Snake in “Turn Down for What,” Lil’ Jon sees himself just doing what he’s always been doing: “just getting people amped up and hyped up,” as he said in a recent interview with Spin magazine.

And then there’s T-Pain, the singer and producer who will always be associated with the auto-tune craze of the late 2000s brings his robo-vocals to Studio 8 on Saturday. After a hiatus in the wake of the autotune backlash, his latest hit single “Up Down (Do This All Day)” lies unapologetically in the same vein as his previous hits, helped along by producer DJ Mustard.

It looks as though T-Pain’s upcoming album Stoicville: Rise of the Phoenix will consist of T-Pain’s brand of party music, as well. In recent interviews, he admits being hurt by the auto-tune backlash, but has since decided to refuse to let that dampen his mood.