Through restaurants like Chipotle, the build-your-own meal model has thrived in the past few years. Curry Pundits, which opened in late 2013 on Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose, applies the same concept to Indian cuisine.

Diners create their meal starting with a choice of one of five bases: a currito (a curry burrito that swaps out the tortilla for roti bread), curry taco, curry rice bowl, salad or Bombay Frankie (a whole wheat flatbread). Options for fillings range from chicken, beef, pork or lamb kebabs ($6.50-$6.75) to tandoori spice-marinated paneer (cheese) and two vegan-friendly choices, grilled veggies or sauteed tofu ($6.25). Choose one of four curries—spicy vindaloo, tikka masala, creamy spinach curry or mild coconut ginger—to top off the creation.

The menu also includes sides such as samosas ($1.25) or aloo tikki (fried pea and potato patties, $1). For dessert, there’s coconut cake or panna cotta with mango and cardamom ($2 each).