The intrigue of Burmese food is starting to manifest in the South Bay. However, there are very few restaurants that serve strictly Burmese cuisine – many are fusion restaurants that serve 1 or 2 Burmese plates. Since its grand opening, Kyain Kyain, located on 3649 Thornton Avenue, has been busy entertaining those who wish to explore a fuller spectrum of Burmese specialties.

Insider’s tip behind the name: Kyain Kyain-Main Main Kyay Oh is a combination of the owner’s names “Kyain” and “Main”, while “Kyay Oh” is a referent to one of their most popular dishes: Kyay oh, (“copper pot”), a traditional Burmese soup made with rice noodles, meat and broth stewed from the bone.

While they are cash only for now, expect a very dynamic menu that showcases the rich, tangy and spicy notes that personify Burmese cuisine. To give some context, Burma is wedged between China and India and twists facets of both into its cuisine. Specifically at Kyain Kyain, the noodle salads are local favorites, along with Kyain’s rendition of biryani, an Indian rice dish flavored with saffron or turmeric.