San Pedro Square Market has created such a buzz since it opened in late 2011, that one local architectural firm wants to recreate the retail and restaurant hotspot in downtown San Jose’s SoFA District.

As the San Jose Business Journal reported earlier this week, AEDIS Architecture and Planning expects to move from its Willow Glen location to a three-story building it has been renovating, located at 387 S. First St. The idea, according to AEDIS senior principal Thang Do, is to create an atmosphere similar to the San Pedro marketplace, but with a twist.

“We are an architectural firm and always wanted a presence downtown,” Do said, adding that the urban environment downtown is a perfect home considering its proximity to public transportation and the arts community. Do also noted that the South of First Area currently lacks variety in its food and shopping options, especially when considering the number of employees and residents who work, live and play in the area.

Part of the makeover could include providing local, sustainable food and retailers to serve the public. In the future, Do said, AEDIS hopes the building can attract a farmer’s market similar to San Pedro Square’s weekly gathering.

“Sustainable design is a core mission for our company,” Do said. “We really believe in promoting local businesses, and I think that’s part of the character of the space.”

Keeping with the spirit of the SoFA District, Do said, the company will avoid chain restaurants or big box companies.

“Having chain companies there would change the atmosphere and the character,” Do said. “It’s not the kind of character we are looking for.”

The firm hopes to open the marketplace with retail and restaurants sometime around Thanksgiving.