Cinequest Film Festival has a lot to offer this year, with hundreds of films and indie filmmakers and celebrities Harrison Ford and Chuck Palahniuk visiting San Jose. The Festival starts its 23rd year on Feb. 26 at California Theatre and continues at various venues in San Jose through March 10.

In addition to film screenings, Cinequest provides the opportunity for filmmakers and fans to share their passion and discuss films at meet-ups, forums and parties throughout the festival.

Artist and Innovator Forums feature business leaders and tastemakers discussing important topics and Maverick Meet-ups give film fans the opportunity to talk about their interests at San Jose restaurants and bars.

This year, a Maverick Spirit Award will be given to actor Harrison Ford on March 3 at 7pm. Ford received his first big role in the hit movie, American Graffiti (1972), before his career took off with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, among numerous other features.

Another Maverick Spirit Award will be given to novelist Chuck Palahniuk, most famous for writing Fight Club, which was adapted into a film by David Fincher in 1999. Palahniuk’s short film Romance will also shown at Cinequest.

General admission for regular screenings is $10. The Film Lover Pass is for all regular film screenings and all encore day screenings and is $145 and the VIP all access pass is $500.

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