Dragons, the newest show from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, will make its San Jose debut on August 15 and continues through August 19.

Ringling Bros. has gathered some of its best circus performers to compete against each other in an Asian-themed circus designed to honor of the spirit of the dragon, the mythical creature celebrated in the Chinese zodiac this year.

The performers will show off their skills in a tournament setting with themes of strength, courage, wisdom and the heart of the dragon. Ringling Bros. ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson, who became the first African American named ringmaster of a major U.S. circus in 1999, will preside over this event.

Performers are split between North, South, East and West dragon tribes, including Shaolin Warriors, who are practitioners of the ancient Kung Fu style Qigong; “Dragon Riders” composed of eight daredevil motorcyclists who ride around each other in a 16 foot globe; “Fearless High-Flyers,” acrobats perform 40 feet in the air on a double-decker trapeze; and the “Maestro of Magnificent Cats,” Alexander Lacey, incorporates lions and tigers in his performances.

Dragons runs August 15 to August 19 at HP Pavilion. Tickets are $15 to $105. More info.