Courtesy of, here’s a quick rundown of the latest technology news in Silicon Valley:

You can now show your Facebook friends that you’re an organ donor by adding the time, place and reason you decided to become an organ donor to your Facebook timeline.

Google has started to promote the Google+ Hangout feature with “VC Office Hours,” an opportunity for the founders of startups to talk to possible investors.

Facebook set the range for its IPO last week between $28 and $35, making the final share prices even higher than anticipated.

Yahoo investor and TechCunch founder Michael Arrington called out Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson for lying about his credentials. Turns out his BS is BS.

It seems Facebook is using content analysis to block comments that may be deemed “irrelevant or inappropriate” with an algorithm that is extremely sensitive if not overly ambitious. One thing Facebook isn’t over-sensitive about is how much personal information it collects from users.

Note-synching company Evernote acquired Penultimate, the top-selling iOS note taking software, getting developer Ben Zotto as a part of the deal in a move that may help fill the void left by Apple’s no-stylus policy.