Rare, medium rare or well-done, San Jose has a steakhouse for you.

When celebrity chef Michael Mina opened Arcadia in downtown San Jose in the spring of 2003, it was heralded as the long overdue arrival of top-notch dining. Since then the place has reinvented itself as a modern steakhouse with great results. 

Grill on the Alley
Located on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel, the “grill” as regulars call it offers the classic American steakhouse experience with Kobe beef and USDA prime steaks and a 500-item wine list.

Henry’s Hi-Life
While no one would accuse Henry’s as elegant, this place has become a San Jose legend for good steaks and great no frills atmosphere.

LB Steak
Every celebrity chef has to have a steakhouse and Roland Passot is no exception. The “LB” refers to his chain of Left Bank restaurants and LB Steak offers a continental take on the steakhouse experience.

Morton’s Steakhouse
The Chicago-style steakhouse set up shop in downtown San Jose back in 2008. The prime, corn-fed beef is wet-aged for up to three weeks and it yields incredibly succulent meat. The charred, beautifully caramelized exterior of my 20-ounce New York strip seemed to dissolve upon contact with my tongue.