When it comes to Mexican food in San Jose, the East Side is the best side.

La Birrieria
Birria, a soupy goat stew, sounds less than delicious, but at birria specialist La Birrieria it’s excellent.

La Casita Chilanga
A chilanga is slang for a resident of Mexico City. La Casita Chilanga is the place to get the kind of two-fisted tortas you find in Mexico City.

Linda’s Restaurant
Think Mexican diner. The East Santa Clara restaurant offers a mix of Mexican and American classics, but it’s the Mexican food that stands out.

Mendoza Taqueria
Mendoza Taqueria sells tacos, but it’s better known for its Michoacan-style dishes like morisqueta and uchepos.

Super Taqueria
Known by fans as Super Taq, the restaurant offers the complete taqueria experience. The burritos and tortas are better than tacos.