The San Jose Police department cracked down on the city’s largest and most organized graffiti tagging crew this week, announcing the arrests of four suspected members of the HYSU tagging crew.

HYSU, which stands for “Have You Seen Us,” is reportedly responsible for over 50 percent of the graffiti around San Jose, and the group recently garnered the attention of the SJPD and other city officials for their “bombing runs,” which were increasing in frequency and intensity.

The group posted videos of their illegal activities on YouTube, and the crew has recently qualified for a gang enhancement with members’ actions resulting in at least $50,000 of property damage in the last three months.

The four HYSU suspects being held under arrest were charged with more than 60 counts of felony vandalism.

Despite limitations in regards to funds and resources, SJPD promises to continue their efforts in stifling the gang activity.

In a recent public statement, Asst. Chief Rikki Goede said, “I think you see the message being sent to the tagging crews out there, that not only will we still investigate it, but you also will be charged with a gang enhancement.”