Tabard Theatre Company continues its season with The Story of My Life. Under the direction of Diane Milo, actors Tim Reynolds and Kevin Kirby bring to life Thomas and Alvin, two men whose lifelong friendship greatly shaped the men they became. This two-character musical, which made its Broadway premiere in 2009, begins with one boy agreeing to write his friend’s eulogy if the friend writes his. This pact sets an immediate solemn tone, while also garnering a few laughs from the audience as a second boy’s voice asks how that would work.

With music and lyrics by Neil Bartram and book by Brian Hill, The Story of My Life focuses on Thomas Weaver, a successful short-story writer in the big city, who has returned home to deliver the eulogy of his friend Alvin, the “weird” kid who never left the small town after taking over his father’s bookstore. Alvin is Thomas’ muse for all of his short stories, who uses their adventures as kids as the basis for everything he writes, but one longing question leads Thomas to struggle with what to say when it comes to Alvin’s passing. Thomas wrestles with his thoughts as he relives the stories from his past that determined the path of his friendship with Alvin.

Reynolds and Kirby put everything they have into their performances from their times as young boys by the bridge over the falls to their heated arguments as grown men. The simple set leaves it up to the actors to bring animate their surroundings for the audience. Using the whole stage and at times running out into the audience, they successfully make viewers believe that they are making snow angels, even if they are doing so atop a wood-paneled floor. The three-member band under the direction of Michael Johnson successfully accompanies the characters’ actions throughout the entire play.

However, the story falls short when it comes to any climactic events that would grab theatergoers and fulfill their need for dramatic closure. Toward the end, it seems that this might actually happen, but the possibly hair-raising moment is brought up and quickly left behind.

In the end, Thomas realizes that to write well you must write what you know, and Alvin helps Thomas understand that certain events will always be out of his reach if he wasn’t present for them.

The Story of My Life
Tabard Theater Company
Runs through Nov. 20 at Theatre on San Pedro Square; $10-$35

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