Ranch 99
Various locations, including 1688 Hostetter Road, San Jose; 408.436.8899
Ranch 99 is the megagrocery of Asian markets. The large chain has stores in Texas and Nevada as well as all over California. The grocery features a produce section, butcher and fish market where they can clean and fry any fish you order.

Aisles are lined with nearly every sauce, seasoning and condiments for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese cooking any home chef could ever want.  In addition to a well-stocked grocery, some stores feature delis offering whole roasted ducks as well as decent Chinese food available for lunch.

Best Buys: Whole duck, Chinese sausage and Silke chicken.

Imahara Produce and Oriental Foods
19725 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino; 408.257.5636
It’s hard to see from Stevens Creek Boulevard, but tiny Imahara market manages to serve a diverse clientele with its Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian foods. There’s a good selection of fresh fruit and Portuguese and Hawaiian sausage, too.

Best Buys: Kewpie mayonnaise, Hawaiian Sun soda and Redondo’s Hawaiian wieners.