Party on, Dudes!

The World Dodgeball Society hosts one of San Jose’s few dodgeball tournaments this weekend with the Keanu Reeves Totally Excellent Dodgeball Adventure. The two-day competition running Saturday and Sunday will feature two different kinds of play: Random Draw Bronson style and a Last Man Standing game.

While the formats sound serious, the event itself doesn’t take itself the same way.

“The tournament is all about fun,” says Jason Bolson, one of the founding WDS San Jose League members. “We will be jamming out to some awesome tunes, playing some dodgeball and hopefully a couple food trucks show up.”

The Random Draw Bronson-style uses the old school 8.5-inch rubber balls, and players are able to apply a pinch to them to make the balls curve in crazy ways. The last man standing game will be a free for all, until two players are left trying to eliminate one another.

Sunday will mark the Stay Puft-style tournament, with 12 Teams consisting of 8-10 players, with two females minimum per team. The Stay Puft tournament uses a smaller rubber ball that does not sting when pinged.

Both days are open for registration to everyone above 18, regardless of skill level, until Friday, Oct. 21. Registration is $150 for teams. Players can register individually for Saturday’s Bronson tournament for $15 and are placed randomly into six teams of six to eight players.

The World Dodgeball Society originated in Los Angeles, where Boloson said he first got involved playing in tournamens. The name came later.

“After one of our league play games, we were all reminiscing on how cool Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was and how it would be totally awesome to throw a tournament in hopes of getting teams to dress up like Keanu Reeves themes movies,” Boloson said.

“I have been playing dodge ball for about four years now and when I moved back to my hometown of San Jose, I really missed the friendly competition and just the silliness of dodgeball.”

Boloson got his friends involved with dodgeball and they started a WDS League in San Jose with the help of the Los Angeles chapters. The San Jose league meets Wednesdays at Seven Trees Community Center. For $55 a season, teams can have a roster of up to 20, with a minimum of five girls, the team with the most wins for the season are champions.

There is recreation division for those just looking to play for fun, and an advanced division for those who play a lot and are a little more competitive.