Truth be told, we’re dying to make a lot bad puns about “getting Tanked”, but we’ll restrain ourselves. Here are just a few of our favorite places to grab a beer or a bite before a game.

Flames Eatery and Bar
Not to be confused with its suburban relatives that reside on the West, North, and South sides of town, Flames’ Eatery and Bar, smack in the middle of San Jose, is a trendier, sexier incarnation of the Flames diner franchise. The downtown Flames specializes in cocktails and more worldly entrees, supplying a comfortable middle ground when you have at least one person in your pre-game party that won’t stand for the sticky floor of a sports bar.

Poor House Bistro
If it’s food you’re after, hit Poor House Bistro for some New Orleans fare. Right around the corner from the Shark Tank, Poor House Bistro offers up spicy Cajun takes on the finger food you’d find at any other sports bar – chicken wings, popcorn shrimp, and fries. A great mix of live blues and R&B will set the mood.

Henry’s Hi-Life
Meat. Meat. Meat. For over 40 years, Henry’s Hi-Life has specialized in serving huge slabs of meat. If you’ve got a hole in your stomach before the game but don’t want to waste your time, money and caloric intake on nachos and stadium dogs, get your money’s worth at Henry’s.

Patty’s Inn
Most people don’t bother to commit the name of the old, decaying shack on 102 S Montgomery to memory—and after a few drinks in this legendary bar, is the name really going to matter? Conveniently situated within stumbling distance of the Tank, Patty’s Inn is about as divey as they come, but the location makes it an ideal spot for pre-game festivities.

The Brit
The downtown Brit is the place to be for younger fans before a game. The place fills up on game nights, but if you can elbow your way to the bar, you’ll find a wide-ranging selection of beers and pub food to nosh on.