Speculating whether a celebrity is gay is rapidly becoming the jeu du jour, and Google is helping out with that.

Reports are in that the search engine has begun indexing celebrities by orientation, in an effort to solve all those much debated questions, when everyone is already drunk at a party.

Apparently Neil Patrick Harris is gay, and so is Jane Lynch for that matter. That’s because they have been open about their sexuality. On the other hand, Google will not be so forthcoming with information about Tom Cruise or various members of Congress. The index does not base itself on rumors and firmly respects the closet. In such cases, one must turn to Wikipedia.

The real question is how this new index will be treated in France, where listing people by ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is against the law. Apple was forced to drop its
“Jew or Not Jew app” from its store because of these concerns.

Could Google suffer the same fate with its Gay or Not Gay index?

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