It has been 13 years since the sudden passing of influential San Jose skateboarding legend Tim Brauch, but as evidenced by the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest, Brauch’s playful spirit and positive attitude is alive and well, resonating within all those in attendance.

Lake Cunningham Skate Park in San Jose was the site of all the action Saturday, as skateboarders both young and old flocked to the 68,000-square-foot park constructed with smooth concrete bowls and other obstacles.

From legendary names, such as hometown hero Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi, to up-and-coming youngsters looking to make their mark, skateboarders, their friends and family gathered to commemorate the life and times of Tim Brauch and to witness or participate in some intense bowl skating action.

To many, the contest represented far more than your average skate jam. Joel Gomez, owner of Sessions clothing, the main sponsor of the event, said that the contest is an embodiment of Tim’s spirit and contributions to the scene.

“Tim Brauch’s spirit was not just about skateboarding, but skateboarding with a good attitude,” Gomez said.

A booth dedicated to the memory of Tim Brauch allowed event-goers to view some of the history surrounding Brauch and his accomplishments, with the intention of both commemorating Brauch and educating those who didn’t what it means to be a true professional.

Gomez said that one of things that he hoped atendees took away from their experiences at the contest was a better understanding of who Tim Brauch was and why he was such an influential figure.

Influential skateboarder Christian Hosoi added that the event is about commemorating the memory of Tim, but also recognizing the act of skateboarding.

“To be here is to come up and support Brauch and his family, but also to celebrate skateboarding,” Hosoi said. “Skateboarding is still thriving.”

For iconic San Jose skateboarder Steve Caballero, the event is about harnessing the positive energy and simple pleasures of skating with friends and always keeping that which makes us happy in mind.

“It’s about having good times and not getting too serious with it,” Caballero said. “It’s fun to skateboard, and it’s about not forgetting why you are passionate about the sport. Never forget where you come from.”