A prominent developer in unincorporated Los Gatos is believed to have shot and killed his 22-year-old, cancer-ridden son before turning the gun on himself.  The shooter, Imad “Ed” Daou, 50, is an official at Civitaf Corp., a Los Gatos-based construction and development firm. His son was a graduate of Valley Christian High School and attended the University of San Diego.

The portraits of father and son could not have been more different. The elder Daou was an aggressive businessman, described by a colleague as “not always pleasant to work with.” His son, Andrew, on the other hand, was called “Dandy Andy” by his teammates on the USD basketball team because he was always smiling.

Despite the differences, the father and son were close. Ed Daou pushed his son to excel, and when the son did, the father was said to be his “biggest cheerleader.”

A star high school basketball player, Andrew Daou went on to become a point guard for the USD basketball team in his freshman year. That same year, however, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He left school to undergo aggressive treatment for the disease and seemed to have conquered it, but then there was a recurrence.

After another bout of treatment, Andrew Daou was on his way to being cured when he died. There had been no previous record of domestic violence, and no one heard a gunshot. Only after investigating the crime scene did police piece together what had happened.

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