In a meeting with journalists in Sun Valley, Idaho, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the company plans to cooperate with antitrust investigators looking into complaints from the company’s rivals that search results favor Google’s own services over those of its competitors.

The investigation, he insisted, will not cause Google to abandon its current business strategies, including the launch of Google+. He also said that the investigation is distracting the company from doing what it does best: develop new products, improve old products and make money for its shareholders.

Schmidt also said that he would like to see more cooperation between Google and Facebook as well as Google and Twitter. The company’s search deal with Twitter ended recently, and no new deal was inked. Both sides say that the issue was a failure by both parties to agree to terms.

As for Facebook, Google said that there is plenty of room on the internet for multiple social networking options. As such, he was disappointed that Facebook would not let Google+ users import their lists of friends to Google+.

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