Regardless of where Netflix ends up, one thing is certain. It is hoping to expand its brand to include original programming. It recently signed a $100 million deal to produce David Fincher’s political thriller “House of Cards,” a series starring Kevin Spacey. Now it may be looking for some comedy as well.

Comedian Dave Chappelle, once the king of comedy, has reportedly been looking for a platform to revive his show without having his creative freedom stymied, as it was, he claimed, at Comedy Central. Netflix may be the perfect platform, since it is an opt-in service. In other words, if people don’t want to be offended by a joke or two, they don’t have to order the show.

Chappelle has, in fact, been trying out new material in the Bay Area recently. The question is whether Netflix has the big bucks to pay him. At Comedy Central he walked away from a $50 million contract. Then again, “House of Cards” cost Netflix $100 million.

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