Where’s the best place to work in Silicon Valley? Is it Google or Facebook? Apple or HP? If you’re in it for the money (and who isn’t?) Google is the place to be. At $82,600, their starting salary is $17,000 more than HP’s ($55,100), $23,000 more than Facebook’s ($59,100) and $40,000 more than Apple’s ($41,100). Only Microsoft pays more, at $86,900, though Intel comes close with $80,100.

Even that changes, however, when workers are in mid-career. Google tops the list with a median salary of $141,000, $14,000 more than Microsoft’s $127,000, $37,000 more than Intel ($104,000), and almost $50,000 more (significantly more than a starting Apple salary) than HP ($91,600). There is no information for Facebook’s median salaries because the company is too young.

Why the disparity between rivals Google and Facebook? It seems likely that it is because they are rivals. Google, which is a well-established company, seems to be paying more to software engineers and mobile programmers in an effort to keep them away from the upstart Facebook.

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