Ask any Navy SEAL. There’s no better way to find Osama Bin Laden’s compound than tried and tested Google Maps. Or so you would think.

It seems that few Google mappers have spent any time in scenic Abbottabad, and though the media keeps telling us that the compound stuck out like a minaret in a megachurch, apparently that wasn’t enough intel for the erstwhile cartooglegraphers. Unlike JSOC, they got the wrong compound.

Of course, that didn’t stop them from posting their comments on the site. You can find things like: “Newly vacated, riffraff gone. Floor needs a good cleaning,” for those looking for a spacious summer rental. Then there were some who realized that the amateur mapmakers were off a few clicks. As Nick1128 cautioned, “This is not bin Laden’s compound. It’s not on a dead-end road, it doesn’t have 12-18 foot walls, it’s not a 3-story building, and it’s not in the Bilal region of Abbottabad. Other than that, it’s a good guess.”

If, however, you are in the region and the tour bus doesn’t stop there, you can find Bin Ladin’s last home here.

And if you want to see Bin Laden himself (and you don’t have a submarine), you will have to go to hell. According to a recent CNN poll, that’s where 61 percent of Americans think he is. We’re still waiting for a Google Map for that part of the cosmos though.
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