Basic Sabre Fencing Classes
There’s no better way to vent workplace frustrations than by going medieval with a sword. Fortunately, the sabres used in this beginner’s fencing class are blunted and safe, although proper protective gear is still required.

15th Annual Los Gatos High School Art Show
Esther Mallouh, Executive Director of Los Gatos Museums, hopes that the 15th Annual Los Gatos High School Art Show, which features about 250 pieces of artwork in five categories from Leigh, Log Gatos and Saratoga High School, will “shed light onto the artistic interests, perceptions and the interpretations of our students’ imagination and creativity.” The works will be on display at the Art Museum at Tait Avenue and Main Street.

Difference and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Art
Join Jordana Moore Saggese, assistant professor of visual studies at California College of the Arts, for a lunchtime talk on “Difference and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Art.” Saggese’s areas of expertise include “critical race art history, performance art, identity politics, postcolonial theory, African diaspora theory, as well as the intersections between musical, visual, and literary practices.”

Badminton Classes
It’s been an Olympic sport since 1992. Also known as “Poona” in India, named after the garrison town in which British colonial military officers were said to have created the sport, badminton is a high-speed sport; Fu Haifeng holds the badminton smash record at 206 miles per hour. The official rules and development of badminton are governed by the Badminton World Federation, of which China has lately started to dominate as does Edge in the WWE.

Galileo’s Daughters
Is a play about Galileo’s daughters still relevant? Are there people today who believe the Earth is only 4,000 years old, the Holocaust didn’t happen, evolution is a myth, global warming is a farce and Obama was born in Kenya?