There’s a lot to be said about hybrid and electric cars, but trucks also run on plenty of gasoline. As oil prices rise, so will the costs of shipping, and that will be passed on to the consumer … you. That’s why a company like Wrightspeed is so important. The company develops and manufactures fuel efficient, hybrid-electric drive systems that can be incorporated into a wide range of trucks, including heavy trucks. That means savings at the gas pump for truckers, which translates into savings for the consumer.

After receiving a private funding and almost $2 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission, Wrightspeed finally set up shop, right here in San Jose. CEO Ian Wright, who presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new headquarters, noted that there are 686,000 medium duty trucks in California alone. By converting them to the Wrightspeed drive system, “We can more than double the fuel efficiency of those vehicles,” he told the crowd.

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