Christopher Knopf and Kenneth Chadwick, the two remaining defendants in a civil suit brought by an alleged rape victim, were found not to be liable Thursday. The victim, who went by the name of Jane Doe, had been seeking millions of dollars in punitive damages after claiming that she was raped by members of the De Anza College baseball team in March 2007. At the time, she was only seventeen.

Former District Attorney Dolores Carr decided not to file criminal charges against the two men and six other teammates, arguing that there was insufficient evidence. Her ruling was backed up by the State Attorney General’s office, which later investigated the case. Despite the testimony of three girls who walked in on the event while it was happening, there was no evidence that the sex was forced, rather than consensual.

Since then, six of the defendants either settled with the victim or had the cases against them dropped. That left Knopf and Chadwick to face civil charges. Chadwick’s attorney now is considering suing the plaintiff for the costs of his defense.

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