Gangs have come a long way since Leonard Bernstein wrote West Side Story. Chances are you won’t see modern gang members pirouetting and arabesquing as the prelude to a rumble. Still, there’s no name more associated with classic gangs today than the Sharks—unless, of course, you happen to be a Jets fan. And there is no city more associated with the Sharks than San Jose, especially if you’re a hockey fan.

That’s why several gangs in the city have taken to wearing Shark paraphernalia and colors as well as getting team logo tattoos. The problem is that not every Sharks fan is also a gang member—actually, most of them are not. Still one can only wonder: Could wearing a Sharks jersey get you into trouble with gangs on the wrong side of town?

The SJPD announced that there was nothing to worry about. According to Police Spokesman Jose Garcia,

“There should not be any concern for their safety. It’s more of a lifestyle, in actuality, that attracts attention to an individual, so as of yet we don’t show any connection with individuals being victimized simply for wearing a sports logo.”

That’s good news for local sports fans. Besides, the NHL’s Jets moved to Phoenix and are now the Coyotes. There is no historic rivalry between Coyotes and Sharks.

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