Sam Chamberlain is a fifth grader at Willow Glen Elementary School. He plays lacrosse, basketball, and soccer, along with the trombone, and he serves on student council. He is also a budding chef, a future Bobby Flay, or perhaps even a good-natured Chef Ramsay. He’s also one of the five finalists nationwide in Sedexo’s Future Chefs: Healthy Snack Challenge. That’s no small order.

Chamberlain beat out 2,600 other students from 535 schools to make it to the top, and he happens to be the only boy among the finalists.

His winning recipe is “Sam’s Spinach Roll Surprise,” and a surprise it is. It’s delicious, healthy, and easy to make. It even has a secret ingredient—ergo the surprise—and it’s not Rice Krispies as in Lazlo Toth’s Oysters Califano.

In order to win the competition, Sam will need plenty of “Likes” on his official Youtube video. So check it out on Youtube, and click “Like” to support him on his climb up the cooking stool of success. You’ll even find out what his secret ingredient is. Guaranteed, it will be a surprise.

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