The Board of Trustees of the California State University system may name the next President of San Jose State University as early as March 22. The selection comes with particular urgency since the school, like all schools in the CSU system, is facing severe budget cuts over the coming academic year. Don Kassing has been serving as interim President since the departure of Jon Whitmore, but the Board is looking for a long-term appointment to tackle the looming financial crisis.

The three candidates are David Steele, Dean of the College of Business, Mohammed Qayoumi, President of CSU East Bay, and Leroy Morishita, of San Francisco State. All three have strong financial backgrounds and represent diverse communities of students. Steele, who was born in Venezuela, came to SJSU from Fairleigh Dickinson, where he also served as Dean of the Business School. He also worked in the petroleum industry and was served as President of Chevron Latin America.  Qayoumi, who was born outside of Kabul, Afghanistan, served as Vice President for Administration and Finance, as CRO for Cal State Northridge and was also Vice President for Administration at SJSU. Morishita was both Vice President and CFO for San Francisco State University.

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