On Thursday, SanJose.com reported on the city’s efforts to cap the number of medical marijuana dispensaries at 10. Currently, there are an estimated 110 dispensaries, most of them unlicensed, operating in the city. Now the mayor has suggested that one way to decide who should get the licenses would be to auction them off on eBay. According to Mayor Reed, putting the licenses up on eBay would help the city determine their real market value, while bringing some money into the city’s coffers.

What Reed failed to note was eBay’s policy toward the sale of drug paraphernalia. The site’s own regulations state that, “Narcotics, steroids, and all other controlled substances aren’t allowed on eBay. Drug paraphernalia can’t be listed either. This includes all items designed or primarily intended for use in manufacturing, concealing, or using a controlled substance.” A dispensary license could be described as an item “primarily intended for use in manufacturing … or using a controlled substance.”

Should the Mayor try to go through with this, the regulations state that the user, in this case, the city, could have its account suspended. On the other hand, eBay headquarters is located in San Jose, giving the mayor some leverage. One thing is certain though. A marijuana dispensary license is sure to bring in more money to San Jose and eBay than even a Virgin Mary grilled cheese.

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