The eighth grade students in Atherton’s Selby Lane School weren’t paying attention to their math teacher, John Haynes. Now this may seem like a daily occurrence in some schools, but this teacher got frustrated. According to one student, he rattled his desk and even (gasp!) yelled at the class. The other students didn’t seem to mind, but one girl was so startled by this that she fled the room and hid in the girl’s bathroom. She even dialed 911 from her cell phone to report on the teacher’s behavior.

By the time the police arrived, order had been restored to the class, and Haynes was, well, teaching. Nevertheless, the school was forced to respond. The teacher, a 10-year veteran of the school with an excellent record, was placed on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation. Meanwhile, the parents are left to debate whether, under any circumstances, a teacher should raise his or her voice in class.

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