(U.S.; 105 min.) Dustin Schuetter is the star, director and writer of a would-be Greek tragedy set in Terrebonne Parish, La. Of the various roles Schuetter takes on, none impresses more than his role as producer. On a sub-shoestring budget, he has assembled a fine cast. A wild man is found living in the bushes not far from the home of the sheriff (David Zayas) and his wife (Deborah Kara Unger), who is the head counselor at the local mental hospital. Once interned, cleaned up and shaved, the vagabond “Samuel Bleak” (a badly wigged Schuetter) demonstrates a mute wisdom and healing ability that Meher Baba would envy. As he taps out his life story on a Smith Corona, Bleak delivers clues to an unsolved murder mystery of decades before. Unger, once the cool star of films by David Cronenberg and David Fincher, can do little with this material. It wobbles from fundamental ineptness during the crime and detection scenes to the mawkishness of traditional mad-house redemption drama. (RvB)

March 5 at 7pm, California Theater; March 6 at 9:30pm, San Jose Rep; March 7 at 7pm, San Jose Rep