There are times when I wish I had a blackboard instead of a laptop … That would make it so much easier to piece together the following connections.

Google has lost a valued client in the person of pundit Glenn Beck. After delving into the links between fascists, communists, radical Islamists, George Soros and Packers fans (okay, he hasn’t gotten there yet), he has added a new villain to his rogues gallery of New World Order lackeys and leaders: the rabble-rousing folk at Google.

“I’m really not sure that I want my search engine involved in government overthrows, good or bad,” he told viewers, and announced that he will no longer be using that particular search engine. After all, it collaborates with such “hardcore leftists” as and the National Security Agency.

While Beck has not called for a boycott directly, he pointed out that “there is a strange thing going on with this search engine and our government, and we all have to choose who we do business with,” choose being the operative word here. Beck also encouraged his viewers to study the matter further, while recognizing how difficult it can be to research Google without … well … Google.

The clue that led Beck to seek the truth behind Google was none other than Wael Ghonim, the company’s Middle East rep and blogger, who spent two weeks in Egyptian prison for his Facebook page about the uprising. In Beck’s world, that falls under the category of, “government overthrows, good or bad.” It also implicates Facebook in the conspiracy, as well as Twitter and various cell phone companies.

Neither Bing nor Yahoo have commented as yet as to whether Beck’s insights have boosted their popularity among the conspiracy searcher crowd. Nor has he noted that Google founder Sergei Brin was born in Communist Russia. Stay tuned.
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