Gary Wise of Gilroy has a passion for guns, and his personal collection, consisting of at least 75 pieces, was worth at least $2 million. He was careful about it and kept the weapons locked in a home safe, confident that no one would be able to gain access to them, but he was wrong.

On Sunday night, a group of home invaders broke into his house, tied him up, and managed to get access to the collection. They beat him up severely and took off with the guns. They made off in Wise’s truck, but it was later found burned out near Highway 9 and Highway 35.

Wise was finally able to escape, and at six o’clock the next morning, he made his way to a neighbor’s house and notified the police. They are currently investigating the case, and suspect that the home invaders knew about the collection before they entered the home. Considering the steps they took to get their hands on the weapons, they are not only considered armed, but highly dangerous as well.

Wise is now in hospital, recovering from the injuries he sustained during the home invasion.
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