Glenn Bishop is a firefighter. Juli Bishop teaches middle school. The Willow Glen couple is like so many in San Jose, doing what it takes to hold on to their jobs and get through this recession. On Wednesday night, their five kids—Aimee, 19, Drew, 18, Holly, 13, Cullen, 11, and Brad, 10—helped out. They were the stars of the Minute to Win It game show, competing for a $1 million.

Each game in the competition lasts exactly one minute. There are 10 games in all. Winning each game brings them one step closer to winning the grand prize. No one in the show’s history has gotten as far as these five kids. No one has made it to Level 10 before.

The final game was left to Brad, the youngest member of the Bishop pack. His challenge was to bounce coins off a table and into the mouth of a milk jug—a lot more difficult than big brother Drew’s challenge to stack and unstack plastic cups. Did Brad make it? Let’s just say that the family left the show with $500,000—not quite a million bucks, but a bit more than a year’s allowance for all the kids put together.

Probably the biggest challenge that the kids faced was keeping the results of the show a secret from all of their friends. Since the show is prerecorded, they already knew the results, when friends and family gathered in their home on Wednesday night to watch it play out on television. But they couldn’t say if they won or how much. That would have left the family to pay a fine, which is a term of their participation.

So now we know that they earned $500,000. The big question is, what do they do with the money? The kids want to buy their parents a new car. Mom and Dad are thinking college funds for everyone. One thing everyone agrees is that season tickets for the 49ers are a distinct option. Maybe some of their skill and luck could rub off on the team.

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