Pink Floyd’s glory days are over. Syd Barret is long gone, the Roger Waters/David Gilmore headbutting/public bickering thing has worn thin and the classic lineup hasn’t played more than a few shows here and there for ages. For the Pink Floyd faithful however, there exists a way to recreate and relive the magic of the legendary group’s concerts: tribute bands; and there are lots of them. Some are good, some—not so much, and some are great. House of Floyd falls comfortably into the great category.

With their note-for-note song recreations, a stage show that includes psychedelic images, laser beams and smoke, a full band including a handful of super-tight background singers and of course an inflatable, flying pig, House of Floyd has made a name for themselves as one of the most accurate—read: obsessive about the details—and reverential Pink Floyd tribute bands around.

Based in the Bay Area, House of Floyd is in the business of “recreating all of the nuanced musical complexity and powerful visual imagery of Pink Floyd.” From the unmistakable and underground psychedelic style of the Syd Barret era, through the 45 million-selling, everybody-knows-that-album, Dark Side of the Moon years and beyond, House of Floyd nails the energy, spirit and milieu of a live Pink Floyd show.

Made up of top-notch musicians and audio/visual technicians, House of Floyd presents a rare opportunity to experience what it was about Pink Floyd, and especially their live shows, that established them as one of the greatest bands of our time. Moving way beyond the realm of just one more tribute band, House of Floyd is a testament to the scope, magnitude and magic of the Pink Floyd legacy.

House of Floyd brings the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd to the Montgomery Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 5.

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