More and more people are communicating by Facebook, posting messages on friends’ walls or even using the obscure chat option on the bottom of the page. With Facebook mail now in the works, is it possible that voice communication will be next? The internet is buzzing with rumors that it is.

Fueling the rumors is the recent partnership between Facebook and Skype, so that Facebook contacts can be integrated onto your Skype calling list. The partnership seemed rather one-sided. The question left hanging was what is Skype giving Facebook?

One possible hint was a mysterious “Call friend” button that suddenly appeared in the underused chat section. The button disappeared almost as soon as it went up, but enough people have screen shots of it to show that it is no urban legend. Now people are wondering whether it is an indication of the eventual integration of Skype calls into Facebook. It could be, or it could mean that Facebook is toying around with some voice communication tool of its own.

Insiders claim that Facebook’s goal is to topple Apple and even Exxon and become the world’s first trillion dollar company. While that may seem like a lot of hype, one way to achieve that would be to corner the communications market (though having an oil well or two sure helps). Even with the rise of texting, even in the twenty-first century, voice is still the main way that homosapiens communicate. It therefore stands to reason that it could be Facebook’s next great frontier.

Of course, if you ask Facebook, they’ll simply tell you: “We don’t comment on rumor and speculation and have nothing to announce at this time.” The up-and-coming communications overlords don’t like to communicate their future plans.

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