It’s good to be a head honcho at Google. You can use the company jets to fly to Cannes on the French Riviera or to Mexico, for a quick jaunt on the beach. When the aircraft are not in use, they are kept in Moffett Field, where Google pays $120,000 a month to rent space. Now Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group that has tackled Google in the past, wants to know whether $120,000 is the market price for storing six jets and two helicopters. They suggest that the search engine giant may be getting a reduced rate because of its close relationship with the federal government.

Google rejects the claim, saying that, “This is just the latest in a long list of press stunts from an organization that admits to working closely with our competitors.” The company’s response is valid. Rather than bringing any proof that Google is exploiting its position to obtain favors from the government, Consumer Watchdog is simply saying “We don’t know,” if they are or not. More evidence seems to be in order.

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